Short supply chain starter’s kit

What you need to think about when setting up your short supply chain activity (based on our experience in Belgium) :

– Get an entrepreneur statute and VAT number
– Find an accountant
– Open bank account
– Get a responsibility insurance for food
– Register at the food security agency and set up your self control plan.
– Register and invent your Domainname, label, logo and register at
– Host your Domainname and make account
– Make an Account on WordPress (WP)
– Make a Facebookpage (FB) and link it to WP. Start building your « community » on FB now!
– Collect Mailadresses for your future newsletters and start writing them if you are ready.
– Make Instagramaccount and link to FB and WP
– Make Twitter account en link to Instagram and FB
– Make Mailchimp account and link to WP
– Make Mollie account (online payment provider) and link to WP
– Look for farmers, visit them, make pictures of the farms, the products, … Make clear deals about the delivery day. Orders happen on the morning of delivery day – 1. Determine your margin and ask the farmer what price (s)he wants top keep ex VAT (6%). For the products you also need to know the weight and have a picture.
– Start looking for transportation.
– invest in reusable packaging and cooled transport or coolboxes.
– Find room for your picking (preferably cold and approved by the Food Security Agency)
– Ask your local town for support. Start building your local network.
– In WordPress :
  • Food actor creation
  • Adapt pages where needed
  • Woocommerce settings : delivery costs, logo email notification
  • Create products : selling price, purchase price, weight, VAT, Shipping, picture, category, food actor
  • Linked Farm plugin : order delivery day and delivery options
  • Mailchimp for WP set up
  • Instagram Feed set up