How can I order?

Of the price you pay, the farmers keeps over 80%.  

Place your order before Wednesday evening midnight. 

The farmer prepares your order.

Your order is delivered at home on Friday evening between 18:00 and 20:00.

Order and pay online.

Choose your own delivery cost.

The farmer receives your order through Linked.Farm.

All farm products are being packed together per order.

From farm to fork.

No time to fill your cart weekly ? 

Start ordering from a saved shopping list, a prior order or chose one of our recipes.

Our subscription formula with donation (technically not possible yet but we are working on it) 

You want to make your life easy and support a good cause? Order via our subscription formula and pay with a recurring SEPA. Per order you pay an extra 2,50 EUR that helps us donate a basket to a family in need. Of course you can stop your subscription at any time or put it  “on hold” when you go on holiday.

Keep in touch 

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